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Airlock Anti-Pathogen Purification Element AV100PE (Beta) placed within the AV100 Respirator provides maximum protection with an air-tight seal around the face coupled with an anti-pathogen purification element consisting of two layers of our patent pending meso-graphene polymer composite material that deactivates viruses and kills bacteria.

A naturally generated electrostatic field attracts then deactivates viruses and kills bacteria.  Deactivates viruses and other pathogens to the limits of detection 99.99926%.

Spiders-web construction allows air to flow freely while providing 10 tennis courts of particle capture capacity. Designed to allow users to speak and be heard without aid.

The reusable mask is comprised of seven parts, the layer touching the face is made from medical grade silicone, the purification element housing and cover are made from medical grade polymer and the purification element is made from meso-graphene polymer composite with a medical grade silicone over-mold. Tight seal is maintained by 4-part latch and buckle system attached to a flexible head band.

Beta Program participants who fill out monthly survey for six months from delivery will receive an Airlock389 Beta Program Reward - 1 AV100 Respirator and 1 AV100PE Purification Element. Beta Program Reward will ship within 60 days of receipt of U.S. FDA/NIOSH certification.

This product is for investigational use. The performance characteristics of this product have not been established by certifying agencies.

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